General Primary Care

general health maintenance with a focus on minimally invasive, natural therapies when possible.

Nutritional Counseling

custom menus for patients that are new to eating for health

Homeopathic Medicine

individualized medicine that works on an energetic level to treat a patient’s unique state of imbalance and stimulate the body’s innate healing ability

Biotherapeutic Drainage

using liquid homeopathic preparations along with lifestyle changes to eliminate toxins in a gentle, sustainable manner.

Healthiest You Program

This is a full service program for patients looking to achieve their optimal, healthiest weight without crash diets or unhealthy measures. Instead, it puts the tools to succeed and the power to make changes in your hands.  Visits include nutrition and fitness plans that are scaled to your individual health needs, access, and ability level.  Frequent visits allow for accountability and ensuring that your health is always moving in the right direction.  This program is ideal for anyone who would like to change their current health and fitness level, from an individual struggling with lifelong obesity to an elite athlete looking for an extra edge.

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